Top 5 Mistakes in Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer Countdown — No. 2

By Collin County Criminal Defense Lawyer Jeremy Rosenthal

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This Week I’m Counting Down the Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer.

#2:  Hiring a Lawyer that Gives You Unreasonable Expectations

I’m licensed to practice in Texas.  Here it is unethical for a lawyer to promise a client certain results.  I can’t imagine it’s permissible in any other state.

I often visit with people and my view of the case is much brighter and more optimistic than they anticipated.  But making a promise there is even a sliver of a chance I can’t keep helps no one.

Every single case – DWI, marijuana, felonies, or whatever, is like a snowflake.  Each set of facts has it’s own unique nuances which may turn the laws in different ways.  There’s also the unpredictability of humans such as prosecutors, witnesses and not least of all – juries.

A Doctor can’t predict how the human body will react to treatment with 100% certainty – and a lawyer can’t predict how the human judicial process will react with 100% certainty.  Good lawyers recognize the variables and do their best to put those variables in perspective.

Every lawyer takes an oath to zealously represent their client.  Any lawyer you hire should be willing to fight for you and defend your case aggressively.  A guarantee isn’t part of the equation.

Another thing to consider about a lawyer that promises results – is that it’s not smart from the lawyer’s perspective!  Even if that lawyer can deliver on their guarantee often – they’re breaking their pledge probably just as often.  If a lawyer makes a mistake like this in their own judgment – how can you expect them to be smart with your case!


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  1. […] The punishment range for a Texas DWI is between 72 hours an 180 days of jail and/or up to a $2,000 fine.  Don’t panic!  That time is usually probated — meaning you’re on probation for DWI and only if you violate your probation do you look at going back to jail.  The maximum time you can be on DWI probation is 2 years.  I can safely say in my experience as a prosecutor and a DWI defense lawyer the vast majority of persons arrested for DWI spend no time in jail after their original arrest.  Of course, no lawyer can guarantee you any result. […]

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