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Jeremy F. Rosenthal, Esq.

I’m a criminal law attorney and former prosecutor practicing in the Dallas Ft. Worth Metroplex and mainly in Collin County. This blog is targeted towards people going through difficult legal problems affecting their future but can also be a tool for fellow lawyers.

If you’ve got a criminal law question or problem in the Metroplex, my office contact information is:

Rosenthal Kalabus & Therrian

7300 State Highway 121, Suite 400

McKinney, Texas 75070

Phone: (972) 369-0577
Fax: (972) 369-0532

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  1. Denise Coleman says:

    Please if you could take the time and tell me everything there is to know about assault family violence. I need to know what the is and what are the consequences of a man that has two convictions of assault family violence and has a case pending on a third. please tell me whatever you can please

  2. sharri carver morrison says:

    Okay, 4 weeks ago I was accused of stealing at Sears, and I had had a prior one, but I was off probation for that one, so I went to see a lawyer about it and he got it back down to a misdemeanor and then a week after that I got accused at target because I walked out with stuff that was in a tub with the top on it and I figured that the sales lady would of opened it and scanned the merchandise. I am going to get therapy, I just have not had any luck finding anyone yet. I have already paid a lawyer $1000.00 and I can’t afford to just let that waste away, but I want someone that will really fight for me and still try to get my case back down to a misdemeanor as long as I go to therapy and report that therapy to my probation officer. I have ruined my like, but its just like your article. I don’t even know I did anything wrong until its too late and I am being treated for depression and anxiety, but the medication is not working and I have a message into my doctor to try and change my medication, but have not done that yet. Could you please help me??????????


  3. marcus says:

    I have a acquaintance that was indicted with possession of a controlled substance in a drug free zone ( TX Health and Safety Sect. 481.134) He did an open plea of guilty due to the fact that he was advise that he would get probation. Probation department came to see him and have him sign some paper to take probation. But he gets five years. There was no court reporter their and he didn’t wave his right to have them not present. We filed the appeals with in the 30 day time frame. But I’m wondering would he get this verdict over turn or is it worth the time.

  4. Miss S says:

    If you have been convicted of injury to a child and served probation and it is dismissed, can you get that charge removed off your background?

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