Simple Thoughts on the Reliability of the Breath Test

By Collin County Criminal Defense Lawyer Jeremy Rosenthal

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Texas uses the Intoxylizer 5000 as its breath test machine.  Rather than discuss it in confusing and lengthy scientific concepts (which we’re happy to do in person), let’s discuss in general terms some if the problems associated with the machine.

Think of it as a scale in your bathroom that says you weigh anywhere from 50 to 170 lbs.  Not very helpful, is it?  This is for several compounding reasons.  First is the machine’s technology was created when the Atari video games were popular and Texas simply hasn’t found it cost-effective to upgrade.  Second is the machine piles assumption after assumption about the test-taker which may or may-not be true.

Also the machine – like any other mousetrap — can completely whiff on occasion.  The amount of ethyl alcohol it would take to score a false positive could fit on the tip of a pen as just one example.  The machine can be set off by GERD or gastro-intestinal reflux disease, can respond to environmental products used in the workplace, and has problems distinguishing diabetic shock from intoxication.

Again, we’re happy to discuss the science behind the Breath test in person… but understand just because the machine said it doesn’t mean it’s accurate!  It never hurts to scrutinize any test result.

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