Getting Help for Addiction

By Collin County Criminal Lawyer Jeremy Rosenthal

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I pride myself on being a zealous advocate for the accused.  I’m a lawyer — not a therapist, drug counselor or judge.  My first view of any legal problem is to look for legal and factual defenses for my client’s benefit.  If I can ethically acquit my client based on the facts and the law I will do my best to do so.

When clients confide in me they have a substance abuse issue with drugs or alcohol, this is secondary in my analysis of their case.  This is for several reasons.  First, my client’s personal life is honestly none of my business and mature lawyers recognize people come for legal help and not therapeutic or spiritual help.  Secondly, when a person is in my office for help, they generally have enough people judging them already and they simply don’t need one more.  Finally — and most importantly — criminal convictions and/or state-mandated treatment don’t necessarily equal justice nor do they assure addressing the underlying addiction any more than private treatment does.

Make no mistake — being clean and sober helps your lawyer in a case involving drugs or alcohol abuse.  For clients who show an interest, I’m happy to recommend any and every form of treatment available.

I frequently tell clients that getting treatment allows me to fight for them on two-fronts and not just one.  I can always fight the legal case and if we don’t get our way with the judge or jury — we have a great argument for leniency.

*Jeremy Rosenthal is Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and licensed by the Supreme Court of Texas. Nothing in this article is intended to be legal advice.  For legal advice about any situation you should contact an attorney directly.

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