Handling Appeals Statewide

By Collin County Criminal Defense Lawyer Jeremy Rosenthal

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Our office is in McKinney, Texas, but with the advent of efiling throughout the State of Texas, any lawyer can handle an appeal in any part of the State.

Efiling is a system where legal documents, pleadings and briefs of both the prosecutor and the defense can be submitted online.  Efiling is now available in all 254 counties in the State of Texas. Additionally we can review the record of any trial or legal proceeding because those transcripts can be emailed to us.

We can handle an appeal in any area of the state regardless of the cases length or complexity.  This allows us to help for cases where you might not be able to find an attorney willing to help you depending on where in Texas a  criminal trial was held.

Do We Need to Come To Where the Trial Was?

We may need to make a trip or two to the county where the trial was.  This could be to investigate certain facts of the case which may have been over-looked, or for brief hearings or to meet with essential parties.  We will need to come to the Court of Appeals in your district if the case is granted Oral Argument before the appeals court.

Why Rosenthal & Wadas for a Criminal Appeal?

We are a large Criminal Defense firm and there aren’t many firms like us around.  We have the resources to use a collaborative effort to have multiple lawyers assist on an appeal and we have more Board Certified Lawyers than any other Criminal Defense firm in Collin County.

*Jeremy Rosenthal is Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and licensed by the Supreme Court of Texas. Nothing in this article is intended to be legal advice.  For advice about any case you should contact an attorney directly.


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